E-newsletters and Advertorials


Always wanted a newsletter, but never had the time to write one?

You spend your time with your business. You don’t have time to craft a well-targeted e-newsletter or advertorial.


E-newsletters and advertorials with real value cut through the caterwauling of electronic noise.



Most knowledgeable marketers are aware of the leverage well done e-newsletters can affect in the marketplace. They are linkable, measurable, archivable, forwardable. But the most important aspect of an e-newsletter is it interactiveness. And interactiveness is increasingly what the online experience is all about. Think about it. How do you go about building relationships with people? Any type of relationship, whether it’s a friendship, romantic, or business is built over time and interactions between individuals. And not all interactions need take place face-to-face. That’s a good thing. It translates into more available time for you. That’s a nice thing, yes? A quality relationship. The higher quality the interactions between people, the deeper the relationship grows. Distilled to its basis, an e-newsletter is a dialogue. E-newsletters are the most effective tool to build client and customer ¬†through deepening your relationships. A loyal client will not only return again and again, but will talk to others via word-of-mouth and social media.

An e-newsletter is not an advertisement with window dressing.

Consumers are extremely savvy. They can spot a sell immediately. Don’t insult their intelligence by sending them an advertisement and calling it an e-newsletter. Not only will they see right through the tactic, but you will have lost credibility and trust in one mailing.

An effective e-newsletter contains valuable and relevant information that the reader can immediately use in their life and business. That’s how I can help. Take a look at some of my newsletter samples.




An advertorial is an advertisement that looks and feels like a magazine article. The term came from combining advertisement with editorial. Consumers perceive them as more credible and trustworthy than an advertisement. They are clearly labeled as advertisements. There’s no deception. They usually contain a link at the bottom connecting to a landing page where clicks are converted to leads.

They help put a face on your business, personalizing it and are often written as a story narrative. Stories are the most memorable way to convey sales messages.’s John Caples says, “A split-run test of two mail order ads showed that an ad that looked like a magazine article pulled 81 percent more orders than the identical copy set in ad-style.” Now, that’s results. Here are a few advertorial samples.

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